April 26, 2011


Just a quick note this morning, praying for all those who lost loved ones here in Arkansas last night. Seven people so far, lost their lives.  Also, for those who have lost their homes.  I know that stuff can be replaced, but it is going to be a whole lotta work.  I pray that God will give His peace to the families who have lost someone who can't be replaced and strength and encouragement for those who have a big job ahead.  Those of you who have tried to 'redo' a room or whole house know how much work it is.  For those who have got to go through the rubble, clean up, rebuild homes and lives....it is going to be a long journey. I ask that you say a prayer too.
We are going to have another round tonight. Pray that the storms are lifted and that everyone is safe.

Leaving you in His Care,

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