April 29, 2011

Ooh La La

Well, the past month has been just absolutely overwhelming.  I mean I feel like I meet myself coming and going.  The days have flown by and my house, yard, and shop look like a horde of
frat boys have lived here for that month.

I've got the best intentions.  Really, I do.
I start in one room, and then get side tracked to another room.  Do I do laundry?  Vacuum? Mop floors?
Dust?  Pick up the yard, weed-eat, clean windows, whatever it would take to get everything back in order.
Look, I know I just had the laundry room empty, those books and magazines put up, the dishes done and beds made.  What happened?!

This week has been a wearying one.  I've taken my mom to a total of 4 doctor visits on three different days.  It was going to be 4 different days, until I threw myself on the mercy of one doctors office and got them to let us come by a day early.  Anyhoo, went with my husband to a doctors visit too.  It's been wild.
Have you ever had to dust your range?  Well, I've been throwing quick stuff together to feed my family and lots of left overs heated up in the nuke machine.

What I really want to do is paint.  I've got stuff started and need to finish.  I've got ideas rolling through my head and they don't let me sleep at night.  Finally, today I finished up one project, well almost. I have to screw the seat down, and it will be finished. 



It's all going to get better.  Next week we've only got one doctor visit, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed something will get done around here that make this mess look like a place! 

Leaving you in His care,

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