May 2, 2011

Le Table

Okay, maybe it's supposed to be La Table.....I do. not. know. but I know I finally got it finished.  Well of course, except for that one little knob.  I have it, it just wasn't in the shop when I made the photos, so will put it on tomorrow!

What ya' think?

Just one of those standard desks.  I thought it turned out pretty good, except maybe it looks a little youngish.  I was looking for more uh, old mature styling. Maybe it's the pink.  I like it, but I think next time there will be more white.  Anyhoo, this is what I got and it does go well with the frou frou chair.   

Here are a few more shots.  The drawers are painted inside with a little extra sumpin' sumpin' and a touch of classy (hopin') on the end.

Don't know if you can see inside the drawer, it has a fleur di lis inside.

....and here's the end.  Hope you like it.

I've got two tables (a coffee and an end) that I'm thinkin' bout.  Been shabbying up a storm on some items I picked up at an estate sale and some yard sales.  What do you do when you want to keep everything yourself?   8D

Oh yeah, I've got an order for a couple of signs and a dresser!  woot! woot! Ex-cite-ted.  It's been slow going, but I think hope it will pick up.

Well, the water's risin' momma.  We are getting rain and more rain.  Bless those who have lost so much.  I just pray that God spares them more troubles by holding back on this rain. 

Hope you all have a great week.
Leaving you in his care,

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