December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas

September 12 was the last post I made.  My hubby had just come home from the hospital and was sitting on the porch on a perfect fall day.  We thought we had been through 'the perfect storm.'  Little did we know that we were sitting in the 'eye of the storm' waiting for the worst of it to hit.

He had been home 9 days.  The first 5 days he had improved, home health and physical therapy were coming and he was doing his exercises and growing stronger.  Then on Sunday, he didn't feel as well.  His energy level seemed to drop and breathing got harder.  We had no idea we were fixing to go through a month of intense health issues that made us uncertain as to whether my hubby would make it home from the hospital.   

The next Friday morning I had to go and have minor surgery on my arm pit.  I got my mother (who is not in the best of health herself) to come sit with him.  She could get him what he needed or call 911 if necessary.  I had to be at the hospital early to get ready for the surgery.  Laying in the bed, it became apparent that something was wrong.  They changed my surgery time to later, not a good day to have that done.  Finally got into surgery and everything went fine, I was just so much later than my husband was expecting.  He called my sister in law, who went with me, once to see what was going on. We finally got home and when we arrived I went in, and my mom said "He's been sitting up in the bed ever since you left."   I went into check on my husband and oh my, he was in so much pain and his feet and legs were so swollen.  He had gotten up to go to the bathroom as soon as I had left, and then couldn't get back to the bed.  He waited and finally eased his way into the hospital bed, but he couldn't get laid down because of the pain.  He had been sitting up all the time I was gone, and my mother was in no shape to help.  I called home health and the nurse came over.  We made the decision to call an ambulance and get him to ER

That was Sept 17.   Over the next month he would be in two hospitals, go through two more surgeries, pneumonia, fluid drained from his lung, a tracheotomy, feeding tubes and not even being awake for a week, plus being on  medicines that caused hallucinations and  so many other procedures too numerous to name.  I cannot describe how overwhelming it was and I wasn't even the patient.  For those of you who have gone through it, you understand.  I've never really faced having to make decisions for someone elses' life.  Making life and death decisions, and each one seems to be making things worse.  I was not expecting my hubby to come home.  All I can say is, 'it was a faith builder' time in my life.

I learned that God is all I can trust in.  I could not do one thing to change a cell in my husband's body no matter how much I worried, laid awake at night, or cried.  It was all up to the Lord.  I thank Him for putting Dr. Augi in our lives, for putting the hospital in our lives, the nurses, the tech's, the housekeepers who kept his room clean, in our lives.  The perfect people, the perfect hospital, the perfect timing for everything to come together to make it possible for my husband to get healed. 

Although my husband came through this  and is in so much better shape than he had been all year, the truth is, it is only temporary.  God gave us more time together.  I am so thankful for that.  But all of us, who go through a life and death situations, or even those of us who haven't YET, are only temporarily healed.  Death is coming sooner or later.  We will all face it one day and being ready is the most important thing we can do.  Yes, we all want to hang on to this life.  We want to see our kids grow up and have those wonderful grandchildren.  Then we want to see them grow up too!  It is a good life, and we can't really imagine heaven being better, but it is and I've made sure that I'm going there one day.  I pray that you have too. 

Hubby had a little problem Sunday and spent the night in the hospital, but he got out Monday.  We will probably have these 'episodes' off and on through the next few years.  I don't know what our future holds, but I know who holds our future.  He is there already.  He has everything under control, and I don't have to worry. 

I haven't been doing much on Etsy.  Hopefully after Christmas, I will get back to it.  I've got ideas floating around in my head, and ready to do something creative.  We are looking at doing some things together as a family, now that my hubby feels like working in his shop.  It's been a long time since he has felt like doing some woodwork.  I don't know what we will end up making, but look forward to the time together.

Christmas will be here in 5 days.  Unless God changes the plans we will all be together for another Christmas.  We will celebrate the birth of our Savior, the babe in the manger who came to die for the world.  How much more could we ask than that?  Well, as perfect as that is, God has given us even more....more time together, a gift that cannot be bought.  Thank you, Father.  You have blessed us abundantly.  I am praying your Christmas is special this year.  Only you can make it that way.  Remember the Reason for the ALL Season(s).

Leaving you in His care,

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  1. Carla,

    I found your blog through Tasty Kitchen.My sister in Christ, I am praying for you and your family. Asking God to be your comfort and Healer (though it doesn't always looks how we want it to). Praying that you would know how very deep his love is for you and your husband.