December 24, 2011


What did Adam say the night before Christmas?  "Merry Christmas, Eve!"

At our Christmas Eve ceremony at church tonight that is what the pastor said.  Cute.  I did so enjoy the services tonight.  I have so much to be thankful for this Christmas.  A husband still here, with me and my daughter to share one more Christmas, if we see the morning.  Christ could return tonight you know. 

I know it is already Christmas in parts of the world, NORAD has been tracking Santa ever since the clock struck midnight over in New Zealand, I believe that they were the  first to see him.  I hope that every child in the world gets a gifts from "Santa" tonight. 

The truth is every child was given a gift, over 2000 years ago.  A gift, THE Gift, that keeps on giving, as the saying goes.  The problem is, so many don't know.  The Gift will never, ever wear out, be the wrong size, color, or go out of style.  This Gift will always bring joy when sorrow overwhelms, give peace when the world brings trouble.  This Gift never gets old.  It will always be the right Gift no matter what the age.  Young and old alike will enjoy it.  The Gift will never have to be exchanged, no one who has ever accepted The Gift has ever been disappointed, it has always lasted through the years.

The Gift, is Jesus Christ.  Saviour of the World.  He came as a babe in a manger and He is coming again, returning as the King of Kings.  This Christmas look beyond your circumstances.  You may have all the money to fulfill every wish your family wants.  You may be in dire circumstances right now with little to give.  Christmas will come no matter.  Christmas is not the gifts, it is not the glitter and lights.  Christmas is Jesus. Christmas is salvation. We all can have The Gift, for you see the price has been paid.  It is free.  What Jesus did on the cross paid for it.  This Christmas, get the real gift, it will change your life. 

My family and I wish you the happiest Christmas, the best Christmas you've ever had. God bless you all.

Leaving you in His care,

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