July 7, 2011

Back Again

Hi, I've been gone a while, can't believe over a month has passed.  So much has been going on and I just haven't had the time to blog.  I am trying to recalculate everything and get in charge of what is happening in my life.  I have made some decisions.  Trying to tie up some loose ends and making a list of what I actually need to strive for.  

The last two months have been a whirlwind.  I made a decision to do something and once I started, it became apparent it wasn't going to work.  I was stressed, getting behind in things that I really should have been doing and taking care of, and just absolutely burning the candle at both ends, which is not good for anyone.  

Although I enjoyed so much the creativity of what I was doing, it was also a drain on me physically.  I have backed up, taken a good look, talked to my husband and family and have decided to go in a different direction.

I love my home, but I have neglected it lately.  I have so much to do anyway and adding an extra obligation, that in my younger days I feel I could have handled, but at this point in life became a little overwhelming.  I have things I need to do at home first, get organized, finish some projects in my home, finish some obligations to other people in my business and then take another look at a new direction that we are going to go.  Something that will not take away from my time at home as much, that will not cause me to spend a lot of time and money for traveling expenses.  

I am excited that my creative juices will not be stifled, but that it will be in a more controlled atmosphere.  Trying to keep a booth full at a flea market nearly 35 miles away, when most every item you took sold very quickly, was somewhat overwhelming.  It was a blessing monetarily, but the Bible says to 'redeem your time' and I wanted to make sure my time was being redeemed properly.   God, family and home first......that is my desire.  When life is said and done, I want my family to know that they were so important to me that I wanted to create a home environment that was happy, welcoming, godly, refreshing and an oasis in a world that does not always have their best interest at heart.  I want to serve others and show them the love of God by my service to them.  

I will still create, only I do not want it to be the main thing in my life.  I will use it to bless my family and others, but not that the creating becomes the controller.

I wish you all a happy day.  It has started out very well here, we had a beautiful rainstorm during the night.  There is nothing like being awakened by the rumbling of thunder, lightning and the sound and smell of rain and knowing God has answered prayers..........that in the desert of life, He has made it rain for me!  

Leaving you in His Care,

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