April 13, 2011

When things get in the way.

It's been that way lately.  It seems everytime I think I'm going to get to the shop to paint,
'things' happen. 

It's called life.

Right now, family sickness and doctor visits have gotten a little overwhelming, but I know they will smooth out.  I'm just trying to hang on!

In the meantime, God gives us encouragement through His Word, or other folks, or even in the beauty of His world.  Spring is here (and seems like summer on those few 80+ degree days we had) and with that means hummers, flowers and my rosebush!

My rose bush is just starting to bloom out.  It is amazing the number of buds it has on it.  I just wanted to share a few photos of my rosebush, but please don't take note of my back yard that needs mowing.  We've got a lot of limbs to pick up, and since I do most of this, it's been slow to get done this year.
I'm also including a photo of a new sign.


From the top of the steps looking down.

This is huge!  We have a 12' goat panel over the handrails on the steps.  It goes from the ground, up to the panel and over and back down.

This is an "Old Blush" climbing rose and boy, did it ever!
   Just envision this lovely hanging over a perfectly painted porch with a white swing.  Maybe by the end of summer it will be that way......and maybe by the end of summer the yard will be mowed!

Leaving you in His care,

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  1. Carla, your blog is beautiful! I love the climbing roses, it reminds me of the home where I grew up in Illinois. My brother lives outside of Marshfield, MO, near Springfield so I'm thinking your area looks much like his. Hope you are feeling better now and back to painting.