March 19, 2011

My aching back

Oh my goodness, I forget how old I am!  After a wonderful morning going to yard sales with my sweet lil' daughter, we came home and got in the garden picking up rocks AND we, meaning me, my sweet daughter and the love of my life--my wonderful hubby, also put some time in working on our patio getting it ready for that new shabby look.  I can't wait and I will be posting a few photos at the end.

I am new to this shabby world, so just starting out with a few things of my own.  I am wanting the light, beautiful, happiness of white and roses and pinks and blues and greens.  I'm having trouble deciding what I really want to go with.  But, my sweet daughter-in-law Olivia, at
has beautiful pinks everywhere, I love it!  But I am partial to blue, and hydrangeas, and did I say blue? 

I did find some beautiful pink lace tablecloths today for almost nothing!!  So I'm going to do some things with pinks and some with blues. 

Did I say I forgot how old I am......every bone in my body is aching, but it was so worth it.  We pulled ivy, then we pulled more ivy, then we took a break and came back and yep, pulled more ivy. It looks soooooo much better!  I think it will help with allergies for hubby and daughter getting rid of all the underlying mold and junk, and even better mosquitoes.  Those pesky little critters that I think ought to be the state bird of Arkansas. 

Like I said, I'm just starting on my journey through shabby land and so far it is making a difference.  It is turning into a happy little world of brightness.  I have used the darker colors of red and navy for years and beigy walls and you know the look.  It's time to bring out the cheerful look of yesteryear.  I remember when I was a girl, and my bedroom with three other sisters had wood floors and blue walls and chenille bedspreads and it was oh so sweet and cheerful.  Not much in it, but it was a nice room.  Two beds, a big dresser and chest.  Maple.  Remember the look?  Headboard with book shelf.  Brass fixtures on the storage pieces.  Oh those were the days. 

Although they do beautifully decorated rooms, I'm tired of TV designers telling me what I should like.  Been there, done that.  Now it's time to return to the simplicity and beauty of my mom's and dad's family home, of love and family dinners.  Of warmth and softness and welcomeness. Is that a word?

This has turned into a long post, so I'll quit and let you see my 'new' patio.  It's  a start, but when I get my flowers and welcome sign and a nice beautiful tray with teapot and tea cups, it will make anyone feel least I hope so.

I'm linking up for Pink Saturday, this is my first try so please, if I don't do this correctly I will sooner or later get it right.  Looking forward to meeting you all and looking at your pretties. 

Well I didn't quite get these in order, but you can see some befores and afters and what a difference it is going to be when I get everything changed.  All the ivy (whose idea was it to plant some ivy?) is gone although I'm sure there will be little leaves that peak out through the summer.  It will get a lovely shot of round-up.  The doll was a beautiful bride doll.  She had the most gorgeous veil. 

I hope you will hang in there with me as I persue this new decorating style.  I will post updates as I go along. 

Did I say I forgot how old I am?  I hear a hot shower calling my name.

Leaving you in His care,

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  1. Good morning sweet friend! I love your new Shabby looks! Oh that pink pillar is just super dreamy! I love the white basket at your entryway! Your house has always been a home to me and the Shabby softens it up and makes it look even more inviting. I hope you have a lovely day!
    ~Squishy hugs,