March 1, 2011

A day to get paint on me.

Happy March 1st!

I have got a special item I'm working on in the shop/studio.  A rocking horse.  A small one.  It's about  foot high and 2 feet long.  It will look great sitting on a table or shelf.  I found this little item at a consignment shop and it was reminiscent of the carousel horses that I painted years ago. And I mean YEARS ago!
So some of you young chics may have not seen them.  My mom still has one that my dad built and I painted.  I am going to reintroduce them in my Etsy shop.  This one is a lot smaller, but is going to be so cute, IMHO.

I am working as hard as time allows to get things ready.  It seems all that time I thought I was going to have when we graduated our daughter from home school, is being filled with some other adventures. 
Oh well, it will come about soon....hopefully the anticipation is building, I know it is for me.

Here is a sweet little birdcage I found yesterday that I am planning on adding to my garden after I do some shabbying to it......wishing you a lovely, shabby spring day!

Leaving you in His care,

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