February 25, 2011

Time flies when you're having fun.

I can't believe how quickly 2 hours can pass.  Went out to the shop, or maybe now that I'm being artistic it is a studio, anyway spent a fast 2 hours getting back into painting.  Actually it's more or less practicing painting.  It seems it's been a while since I picked up a lettering brush, mixed paints and tried to 'blend'.  I know it will quickly come back, but I got to thinking how long it had been since I actually did some real art.  Months, years?  So much has happened in the last 5 years, that the artistic side of me kinda got put on hold.  I'm ready to get busy again.

Today was a really good day for painting~cold, blustery, overcast.  A good day for being inside.  I spent the first half of the day catching up on laundry then a quick trip over to the next town. Finally found the time to head out and do a little painting.  I love  the fragrance of the wood, the paint, the sawdust.  Brings back memories.  I've gone through thousands of little bottles of craft paint through the years and wore out many, many brushes.  I have favorites that I use over and over.  Those old brushes that get all out of shape and bristled that look like they are not good for anything, but they are some of my favorites. Just like some of the people I know.  They may look old and bristled and worn out, but they are some of my favorites. They still have a lot of good  left in them. 

It doesn't seem like I accomplished a lot, but it sure was nice to let that paint flow and swirl.  It is amazing how just dabs of dark, medium and light tones and hues turn into something on a piece of art paper, or canvas or board.  A little touch here, a dab there.  Oh Lord, thank you for the beauty you allow us to create although nothing can ever out do a sunset, or a field of flowers or a baby's soft cheek that was made by our Creator. And for us, without the Light there would be nothing but darkness. No beauty in the world.  Yes, I can say a great big thank you for the Light of the World, I hope you can too.

Leaving you in His care,

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